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Explore cities virtually with 3D Smart City App that uses an advanced 3D Satellite technology.

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Our goal is to encourage clients to engage, shop and trade with online businesses as though they are in their physical location.

3D At Its Best


This Unique 3D Satellite Technology provides an innovative & customized Application/Tool that creates an exciting Business proposition. The App info and database is going to be relevant for Public and Private clients and will lead to time & cost efficiencies.

From Government Municipalities to companies in Telecommunications or Construction & Engineering have shown interest in the possibility to use a 3D environment of the cities where they operate to improve their business performance.


Supermarkets can create an experience that allows consumers to feel as if they are physically in-store. With just a click of a button, consumers are able to interact with a product and find out more information.


3D smart city helps property dealers and real estate agents to showcase multiple properties and save time. With a 360 rotation, 3D smart city allows users to view the interior and exterior of the property from different angles.


Banking institutes can create a seamless banking experience for their customers by adding interactive features and also help customers locate the nearest banking facilities or ATMs. View real time financial data and  monitor trends.


Health care services can provide a 360 virtual tour solution that will highlight unique hospital facilities, state of the art equipment, treatments and other features.


Detailed visualizations allow urban planners a more efficient way to analyze proposed developments. Urban mapping and the comprehensive range of applications improve city environments.


Car dealerships will be able to showcase their fleet of vehicles, allowing buyers to explore the interior and exterior features of vehicles without leaving the comfort of their homes.



Generate income by enlisting businesses and advertising on the App.


Controlled and safe environment of each city.



Access to the database of all the cities' buildings with relevant details and information



Visibility and accuracy that increases cost and time efficiencies.


B2B - B2C - B2G

Connecting users with businesses around the city and government.


Easy city Navigation via 3D City APP.

Outshine Your Competitors


Service Description

The main exclusive characteristic of the App is its 3D Satellite & BIM Technology.

As a Tech App, our product service is to create a customized App for Public or Private entities.

The price range is based on the scope and complexity of the environment and the features the client wants to include in the App.

“Giving Your Vision a 3D walk-through”


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

No, we only need you to share good quality photographs of your products. The showroom itself will be made as 3d model.

If you are an Export or Trade oriented business, you can display your latest products & collections in the Virtual Showroom. After that invite your buyers to your 3D showroom. Here they can browse the entire display & even “Shortlist” what they like & send it to you for further discussion. Entry to showroom can also be controlled via our security modules.


If you are a Manufacturer/Solution provider, the Virtual Showroom is a cutting edge marketing platform to showcase your products in an immersive way & engage audiences all year round.

Virtual Showroom enables forward thinking Brands to pivot to the next level of online shopping i.e Experiential Commerce or 3d Shopping Experiences. Virtual Showrooms go well beyond e-commerce catalogues; transforming online shopping into a visually engaging, inspiring & life-like experience on the screen.


At a Brand level, it is a great platform to connect & develop relationships with online customers at an emotive level.

Anywhere between 3-8 weeks, depending on the scale of project.

Cost depends entirely on the scale of the project – how many product categories & products to be displayed, set of features etc

It can be hosted on your website itself. After the initial build & deploy, we also offer you an Annual Maintenance Service to take care of updates & changes.

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